Television: A coin with two sides

Today, in the age of transparency, human beings are surrounded by electronic gadgets. Today almost all of us have a cell phone with all the latest features, a laptop with 3g or wifi connection, and  under the slightest of possibilities  if anyone of us does not have access to these gadgets then at least he will have access to one gadget for sure, and that gadget is television.

Television, over the years has transformed our thinking. It has influenced us in every single aspect, whether it is sports or politics. Nothing, absolutely nothing has remained untouched from the influence of television. This reminds me of the popular hypodermic needle theory which states that a television is a powerful tool of media, for example a television injects the information straight into the viewer. It is also popularly known as the “magic bullet theory”. Many media experts agree with the fact that information is  ” shot” like a “bullet” from the “gun” of the media straight into the viewer’s head. But there is one big thing that should be kept in mind that the stories shown on television are cooked and served on the plate to the viewers. They may not always be true.

Television can be compared to a coin with two sides which on one hand provides us with news and views and all sorts of information and on the other hand shows us the incomplete or rather manipulated stories. But television is a powerful tool that has taken transparency to the next level. We can witness all the important events while sitting in our living room, no matter whether it is sports, business or politics. We today have a thousand channels on television.

Television is a powerful tool. It will continue to inject information into the viewer. It is totally dependent on the viewer how he treats the information. I believe that tv watching can be good, but also bad in terms of effect on youth. Kids can learn a lot from TV, and can get motivated from it. But sometimes the things they learn are not always good. Now, with technology and all its sorts, parents can make sure that their children are watching the right things. This is good, because sometimes, kids need to learn stuff from TV that they can’t learn from other things.

So, it would not be wrong to say that television is a tool which lacks brain and I.Q. it is entirely up to us how we use it because human beings have created the television; the television has not created the humans, so no electronic gadget has power to compete with the human brain. Technological advancements should not be resisted. It is the blindfolded slavery of the gadgets that needs to be resisted so that we can learn from every good thing and dwell on the positives of television viewing.

gulraj singh bedi

age 19 and single

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