Are You Mentally Fit?

What is it to be fit? Is it just about the physical appearance and having a lean frame? Or is there something more to it? Many talk about physical fitness and labour themselves over it but forget about their most substantial part of the body, the mind. So how important is mental fitness for an individual?

Have you ever witnessed yourself in the zone of discomfort? What do you do when you are up against a challenge? Do you back down on your fears? Rest assured these are some of the many questions that any individual would have come across. It is what one does with such natural doubts that matters the most. There exists a chemical in the brain technically called endorphins which activates the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. Physical exercises will keep the physical appearance intact but exercising the mind is that much more is vital. There are many ways to keep the mind fit and functioning irrespective of the circumstances.

Wake your brain up to the morning sunshine for it to be active throughout the day. Exercise your physique and mind with equal measure. Develop productive hobbies such as reading, writing, music or any of that sorts. The more diverse they are the better the brain develops to maturity. Playing a hard core sport assists one’s brain in fighting against situations of mental turmoil. No one is perfect especially with mental fitness and it takes a lifetime to understand oneself and hence it has to be developed. Try to achieve a sense of calmness through imagination of representations. Meditate your way through difficulties and experience the phase of stillness. Doing nothing and being still are two very different terms and the earlier one understands the better it will be. With a fast paced world as the current one there is a lot to learn. Always focus on constant development.

Emotional factors too come into play when one speaks of mental fitness. They are directly connected to each other. Take some time off just for yourself to reflect on different progressions. It always assists in developing yourself when kept in timely check. Concentrate on the goals and never stray away from them to keep your mind on track. It is imperative to work on the procedures before thinking about the output. Watching motivational material uplifts you to a large extent giving you enough ingredients for the mind to operate smoothly. Be thoughtful and aware of the surroundings and develop survival skills to beat the stressful moments. If all the efforts go down the drain, remain silent, smile and do something different that would produce an output.

They say human beings are the most complicated species the earth has produced. Many of the psychologists work their way through to solve emotional problems that humans come across each day that directly affects their mental well-being. Humans have always found their way out of problems and the mind has a big part in it. Keep the mind occupied with positives and face the challenges of life with a smile that will reward you back with mental happiness.

Amith M D

I blog, rap, listen, cycle, play and write. I am flexible enough to adapt to different styles of writing formats. I am a writer for a reason, to inspire my readers. I like to keep my works as original as possible using my creative abilities.

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