Running outside Blissful Healthy and Cheap

When we talk about fitness, people today automatically associate it with ‘hitting the gym’. The gym culture is so embedded right now that one can see people of various age groups and different genders sweating it out to pump their muscles. But they underestimate the power of simplicity by ignoring to acknowledge that exercising outside a gym can equally bring benefits to your health and fitness. Hence, It is important to highlight here, the benefits of an exercise nearly every human is aware of – Running.

If you are not much of a gym freak or get bored with working out in a closed chamber then the at least the first thing you need to do is tie your shoes, choose a spot in your neighborhood and start running. The benefits and advantages of running, especially outside a gym our innumerable, but to name a few –


  1. It does not cost you a lot. Only a reminder on your phone and a good pair of running shoes.
  2. You get the opportunity to explore new areas near your locality, which is pleasing and refreshing to the mind. Thus, helps in breaking monotony and relaxes a mind better.
  3. Running outside in a clean environment also ensures good supply of sweet air for your lungs instead of air conditioned one you breathe in a gym
  4. Every age group can indulge in running as per their own speed and capability a unlike many exercises which are prescribed in gym
  5. It does not require any technical knowledge or know-how unlike operating on different machines and lifting various varieties of weights do.


  1. It burns a lot of calories and can help you reduce weight faster.
  2. It makes your body much more flexible than lifting weights do and tones them in a proportionate manner. It further helps in enhancing your reflexes.
  3. It strengthens your joints, which have a high risk of getting permanently injured while you lift heavy weights.
  4. It increases lung capacity and hence helps in development of endurance which benefits us in tackling everyday activities and help in increasing your working capacity without feeling tired at the end of a day. It may even help you quit smoking habits and help you sustain your health better.
  5. Running is also proven to make you happier, also known as ‘runner’s high’. Thus, helps in beating stress and depression. This further will help you to boost your confidence once you start finishing your set goals of running and will help you develop you will power.
  6. Many psychological studies, such as a December 2012 study published in Phyconomic Bulletin and Review, have also shown that running makes you sharper and helps in boosting memory.
  7. It also helps in reducing risks of cancer and add years to your life.

With so many advantages and benefits it is important that you adopt running as soon as possible. It is difficult to describe the joy of running outside in words but surely you will be acquainted with it after you finish your first run.

Harsh Vardhan Yadav

A journalism student who loves to travel, debate and play.

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