Weird Products That Exist

Every now and then, we come across things and products that amaze and at times even make us questions the sanity of the creator and the consumer. Here are some weird products that exist that make us do the same:-

1. Carrot Sharpener

Have you been longing for extremely sharp carrots to put into your food and risk getting stabbed by? Well look no further, because this carrot sharpener is now available! Someone has finally heard the demand of razor sharp carrots and decided to create a giant pencil sharpener and called it a Carrot Sharpener. But is there has there ever been a recipe that calls for sharp carrots…like ever? This product was made specifically for those housewives who are extremely bored and will purchase any new invention they see on an infomercial, even if it puts their loved ones in danger. Because who would ever want to feed their family pointy carrots? This weirdly dangerous invention could be yours for the low price of $16.59.

2. Helicopter Alarm Clock

As if an alarm clock wasn’t already the most annoying way to begin your day, now you can awaken to a helicopter fan hovering over your bed. The raging noise of the alarm will not stop until you capture the helicopter and return it to the alarm dock. Sounds fun right? Because everyone wants to wake up from their peaceful sleep to chase a psychotic helicopter as if they were Harry Potter playing quidditch. The only plus side is that it is a great way to get your 5 minute daily exercise in before you’ve even brushed your teeth. We wouldn’t advise people with heart conditions or illnesses to purchase this clock, because it will definitely do more harm than good. The hoovering clock is only $12.87 on Amazon folks!

3. Longboard Stroller

When you think of skateboarding, do you think, “I wish my infant child could be on here with me”? Neither do we. Because a child and skateboard have never ever mixed well together, unless your child is a 4 year old skating prodigy. But most children aren’t, so we’re speaking to them. This longboard invention has to be the most dangerous on the list. Looking at how exposed the child is, basically acting as a shield for the adult riding the skateboard, we can see this invention causing all sorts of accidents. Our main concern is what will inevitably occur…FALLING! And who will be the first to hit the ground? The innocent child who never asked to be strapped into this death trap on 4 wheels! Come on parents, we know your not this dumb…are you?

4. Full body knitted suit

THis is the ultimate onesie! Not only is it a full body suit with a hood, it is extremely thick for those cold nights in your apartment. You can even wear this out to the grocery store or run errands..if you want to look like a modern day sasquatch. Our main concern with this extremely embarrassing invention, is that we don’t see any holes to go to the bathroom. There is no back panel that unbuttons for the moment your breakfast is ready to come out. So do you have to completely remove the elegant body suit each time you have to use the bathroom? Maybe this invention would be better if they were to create it as a two piece, for easier access. Either way this suit looks very cozy, but also very hot, stuffy and nerdy. Try again guys.

5. Wine Purse

Ladies, now you can be completely intoxicated no matter where you go. You can sip from this very classy and hidden wine purse for only $62.00! Dont worry about your phone, wallet or any of the other normal things a purse holds, because yours will be filled with alcohol! The Wine Purse stores up to 32-oz of your favorite wine or any other beverage that you so desperately need 24/7. Say goodbye to those pesky bars and liquor stores, because you’ll have your very own bar in your hand. Just make sure your kids don’t go snooping through your new purse looking for candy or a piece of gum, because they will be highly disappointed with what they find!

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