The book of life

The book of life

life is an empty book
you write its chapters on your own
either they’ll be interesting ,foolish but fun or massive
that all depends on how you pursue the world

the world will never stand for you
but you can never lose your grip
the world around you may trip
oh girl; learn from the past
to move ahead,you’ll get the clue

if time brings you pain and insecurity
then it owes you back a bang with sincerity

this life is a gift of god,
just let the negitive emotions pass by
you must take a life mod

jealousy,greed, and selfishness are all make-ups
they just add up to your fake cups,

true friends,family and a love of a life time
oh good lord! bright up they shine
as they bring me smile 🙂

my present is what i have
this is what i am living today
accepting this time’s all the surprises with joy
and i wish to make these days
and the coming days
the most beautiful chapters of my book of life!!

nandika puri

be yourself and life will get you all you deserve(y)

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