Bringing in Change: Rotaract

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

This was quoted by the great physicist Albert Einstein. What is the point of living a wholesome life if one cannot bring a smile to the face of someone not so fortunate? Why to be selfish and not think of others? Everyone is not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I believe that the youth especially can do something good for the community. Young minds can bring a refreshing change to our society. If every single student thinks and feels for those who lack the necessities of life, then this world can become a much better place. Rotaract Club of SIES, Sion(W)  is one such club in Mumbai that works for a positive change in the society with the help of young adults.

Rotaract Club of SIES, Sion(W) comes under the Rotary Club of Bombay Pier. It started on 24th December, 2010. Currently in its fourth year, its main objective is to bring change in the society. The club’s theme for this year is ‘You be the Change’. The current President Ketki Mehta and Secretary Rohan Vengurlekar have successfully been able to conduct many events and now stand strong with 97 members.

One of the main events conducted by the club was ‘Drop of Hope’ which aimed at Blood Donation and free Thalassemia check-ups, not only to detect the disease but also spread awareness about it. It was conducted within the college campus of SIES.  The main objective was to collect blood for those patients who required it. The event was conducted with the help of Sion Blood Bank and Think Foundation. There were an impressive number of turnouts where not just the students but also the teaching staff willingly came ahead for this noble cause. The event was a huge success with a total 65 bottles of blood collected and 110 Thalassemia check-ups done.

Another event that the club conducts is ‘Shiksha’ which aims at educating and helping underprivileged children with their studies. Every member gets a chance to go and teach kids once every week and help them learn and develop personality skills and gain an optimistic approach towards life. The initiative aims at educating children and turning them into confident leaders of the future.

So far there have been many such events conducted and the club has been successful in making the students realize the importance and value of social service. The club aims to serve the society and at the same time develop the leadership and personality of the members.


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