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You all would have heard a lot about those random treadmill resolutions, those clichés about how you could have an exerting workout, just to keep yourself fir. The fit word has been clamped into our minds so profusely, that it implies a great meaning to all of us. But, the unattended and obviously ignored substantial core is the ‘sleep’. Here, are the top 5 tech methods which can be efficiently used to track your sleep. And yeah, in the meantime, if you are reading this one at 2 am, go, and get some sleep. Wait, just after reading this one for sure.

1. FitBit One

It is one of a particular gadget, more like a clip on. Clip it on your pocket or somewhere on yourself. It will also generate great feedback reports which are both detailed yet chic. It will track your movements while you sleep, noticing when you are deep in sleep, and restlessness when you are awake. Turn it off in the morning and achieve these reports by a direct sync to your Apple or Android devices.

2. Sleep as Android

This one is available only for Android, as the name obviously suggests. Originally, it was intended to wake you up at the best time of your sleep. But now, it depicts a graph, a pattern about how you sleep and its intending activities and the processes you should undertake. The app pays attention to the sound you would make, especially like snoring. You have it for free for a 2 week trial, a hundred bucks for the full version and some useful in-app purchases.

3. JawBone Up

This JawBone Up is an altered version of JawBone, which had quite failed in its preliminary version. Now, this one tracks your steps and your diet, the diet part being an addition. It would remind you, if you have been lying around too long, yeah, practicing that art of procrastination. It would definitely help you sort out the root problems of your sleep cycle.

4. SleepBot

Now, this is a particular one, I have been personally acquainted with. In all the time it has been around, it has grown with wealth. The app not only tracks your sleep, but also records your movement overnight, auto recording your motions as well as breathing, and is even packed with sleep hygiene tips. The app has an easy to use widget which allows you to log in and log out, the time you sleep. And yeah, the jumping in joy part, it is completely free.

5.  SleepTime

It is available on Android and iOS, it efficiently does all of the things listed above provided, with an enhanced interface, and a chic theme. It costs you a hundred bucks for iOS, while being completely free for Android. It especially wakes you up so beautifully, when the time is right, that you would be self pleasantly awake, rather than all groggy and sour.

Mimansa Jaiswal

I am an engineering student, unintentionally in love with books, writing and sketching. I am an avid coder, philosopher and counsellor for people and all my friends.

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