Culture lost is identity lost.

In a long-established country like India, where there are diversified folkways and cultures, variegated idles to worship, multifarious life styles to hold on and heterogeneous comestibles to hog on, it is really intimidating that the current generation ha been acting detrimental to its incessant existence. The various folklores have gained deepened veneration and sanctity. They mainly speak about the ethics and mores and are merely not any rigmarole. The desi dance and music forms have got complete authentication of our country’s brilliant cultural potential. Not to mention the well sculptured monuments and literatures that were presented by the great, eminent dilettantes. The vast count of the pristine languages and multitudinous dialects have an important role in our nation’s cultural reserve. What more? Our country has been preeminent in these phases and that’s one of the main reasons for it to be looked up with utmost respect tinged with awe.When we identify ourself as an Indian, we are automatically subjected to all these honours.But, the current plight is really pathetic. And, why is it at stake? Who can be possibly held responsible for this?

Since after the foreign rule, our country’s consecrated culture and traditional beliefs have been adulterated. The influence of the western civilization has ensnared our populace and casted a vast, perpetuating spell on them. Gone are the days when people felt proud to speak in their regional language. It has now become a trend to converse in English or consider oneself as being opprobrious. Similarly, people who clothe themselves in a western attire are admired and are given a prominent place in the society. The ones attached to the traditional way of clothing are naturally treated as an illiterate. Most of the western habiliments are abusive which spoils the feminine beauty. The society, nevertheless accepts the person who intends to live by his traditional norms. The pitiful fate of our national dance and music forms have been supressed by western dance and music. The westbound furor is still stuck to the people as a disease. When the foreign denizens maintain their own identity, then why cant we? This prevails as a debility to the entire society and its inhabitants.

Not only those mentioned above, but there is a drastic deterioration in the rearing of native arts and the cultural events of the locale. They all have been enshrouded and forgotten. Sadness is that the people do not even realise the fact that it has been stowed away. The popular “dating” vogue among the youth has spoilt the auspiciousness of a true relationship of exchanging love and affection. This frenzy has been evoked from,by the westernized movies and the native ones which counterfeit the foreign ones. This may suit the people of those countries but is totally not healthy for our nations’s dwellers and it finally leads to dramatic repercussions. Most pathetic of all is our own citizens leaving their mother nation to other foreign countries for pursuing their further studies and job and bringing disgrace to the country as a ramification.

Thus, there is a huge pile of factors that have taken away the distinctiveness from our nation. It has all been about imitation and aping the foreign culture and lifestyle. To put an end to this crying shame, loyalty and patriotism should be instilled in the minds. We should be able to envisage our country’s bound treasure and be ready to act as a bulwark for its wellness. We have to work,for the daylight and restore our country’s selfdom, as it is in no way deficient than other countries. Let us be proud habitants with a gratifying individuality.

Poornima Balasubramanian

I am a happy go person. Basically, love making friends. I spend my leisure by writing, reading, watching movies or sketching abstracts. I am a civil services apirant too!

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