India’s Miami- Goa!

Travelling is the best thing ever. Some people are sceptical about it because of the whole journey and adjustments and etc, but that’s the fun.  We all seek different kind of adventures and for me it is travelling. I have always been travelling since my childhood days. That is because my father loves going on vacations and exploring different places. And so do I. My December 2013 was one hell of a vacation. I visited eight states within 25 days. No kidding.

But my year started off with a bash. College friends and Goa- Enough said. Goa is like India’s Miami. It is the best place to be when you want to take a break. I know people who say, “there is nothing extra-ordinary about goa” and my reaction is always, “Are you serious?” That is because a place always needs exploring and if you don’t then there is never anything out of the world. So I am listing down my few favourites about Goa.

  1. Seafood that makes you go gaga!

The evening we reached Goa, we headed to Brittos because it got rave reviews from a lot of people. And to tell you all the truth, it’s got the yummiest food. Now Brittos wasn’t the only place, we tried millions of other places and shacks on the Baga beach and they all were finger licking good. And if you are going Goa next, please do NOT miss out on the fish.

2. Go Bananas and Bumpers!

You love water-sports and those water rides? Well then Baga is the best place to be at from anytime between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are safe and fun at the same time. Banana rides are the craziest ones where they take you to the middle of the sea and make you fall, making you gulp down some salty water. (yuck!) but none the less, it’s great fun. The bumper rides where they tie your raft to a speedboat and take you all around till you are completely wet are great fun as well@  Amongst the other rides, there are jet-ski and parasailing.

3. Early morning Vagator breeze!

This was the favourite of my to-do list in Goa. We drove down to Vagator around 6 a.m. and stood by the edge of the rocks and looked upon the stretch of the sea with the beach, cold breeze blowing and serene emptiness around. Well there was that and luckily we met some of the contestants of the India Bike fest 2014 with their sexy Harley Davidsons! *sigh* those were some beauties.


  4.Curlie’s magic.

The best thing about this place is the view while you chill with a few friends and some drinks on the high end balcony. You will be too mesmerised by the view to look for anything else around. If you think in the night the view wouldn’t be great, then you are mistaken. The moonlight reflection on the water and the cold breeze is the best thing you can experience there. And while you are there, if you are looking for some midnight snack, they serve maggi and cheese balls and many more munchies to hog upon.


5. Shopping bliss.

Well this is going to be a delight for all the girls out there reading this and also the boys, if you want to make up for the fact that you went without your girl to Goa, grab a few dresses and beach wears to make her happy. They are cheap, beautiful and have varieties. Also don’t miss out in the Saturday night flea market.


Then of course it’s the place you love and explore. Go beyond the usual and grab the opportunity to figure out Goa your way. Cheers!


Rukmini Sengupta

blogger, writer, active on twitter, undergrad student doing engineering.

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