Do we need a Monsoon? Or just a Change?

With the anticipation building up across the nation, I started pondering if everyone were really in a rush to get wet. I mean in the rain. Are people across geographies really looking forward to drench themselves in the rain? Do a lot of the urban populace even have the time to sit back and relax over a cup of tea?

I feel otherwise.


On second thought, isn’t it just change that each one of us look forward to?

We want this Monsoon as badly as we want a Saturday on a Monday afternoon. I am mighty sure that a lot of us excited about the rains will equally curse them once they turn a routine. The rain god would sure want to censor all the music he is going to hear on those wet mornings when people step out for work. Whether you travel by public transport or your private jet, you would crib about the havoc rain causes. Though each of us has sat through the science class in school, while the teacher taught us about the properties of liquids, we fail to empathise or entertain.

Do Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor or their likes really await Monsoons?

If only they actually waited for the monsoon to choreograph their rain dance sequences. That ways, we would see only a single movie release annually(literally, hopefully).

While sitting in an urban cubicle, I can’t really talk about farmer’s plight during rains, excess or scarce. But I can surely be dreaded by their havoc in my urban land. In Mumbai, my day starts with prayers either for less rain fromthe gods or for lesser bladder pressure from the citizens. Either would lead to my roads being clogged.

That makes me think again, did I really want monsoon?

On introspection, I should confess for cribbing about the weather, irrespective of the season. Summers gave me unwanted tan and sweat while winters resulted in unproductive mornings. Spring was too boring rainy was so painy!

 Then what is it that I’ve been wanting?

Change. A respite from the routine I am subjected to. Never mind if it meant burning more CFC during summer, frequent visits to the loo during winter or clogged flush drains during the monsoon; they give me a break. I need change and I shall figure out other ways to stop cribbing later.

Apologies. I completely forgot the pros of Monsoon until my phone rang. Actually, Monsoons are not so bad. They cater to a special USP – the singles. It’s the time of the year singles can turn the weather into their favour. A drive during rain might change your relationship status on Facebook. For the taken souls, you generally spend time google-ing Gulzar saab or Javed saab’s lyrics.

So is Monsoon really anticipated or is it just hyped? Well, I’ll discuss that sometime later. It started to rain and if I don’t leave now, the changes are my FB status will read “Single”.

P.S: You share your thoughts about Monsoon while I shall see you soon!

Surya Adavi

Data Analytics Consultant by the Day; Dreamer @ Youthopia by the Night. Journalist by Passion; Entrepreneur by Profession. Sums it up!

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