“You were supposed to pick him up! How can I know that, you will ditch him “

“How many times should I enlighten you?……. I was stuck in an imperative convention, and for the last time I did call you!”

If you are wondering

Who these two people are?

 And what they are skirmishing about? They are actually my parents and obviously they are fighting!

I had to walk 20 miles from college, as neither of them came to pick me; this could have been difficult for any 18 year old

But I on other had was unique, this was usual for me.

Now back to the matter in hands, when will they stop fighting?

It is almost impossible to predict that!

It always puzzled me though

 How did this two people ,who are more easily distinguishable than ends of a magnet, end up together in the first place and even bore a child  .Can’t they see that they are just not perfect for each other ,what amazes me even more with all this fighting and crying ,how have they been together these many years almost 19 !

All my thoughts were halted when I heard noise from kitchen, my mother was angrily washing dishes and at the same time giving earsplitting slight comments about how lazy my dad is !

 See now they completely have forgotten about me, and the fact that I will be hungry.

I tried to shut myself down in my room away from noise. If it were any other day I would have surfed the internet, or would have chatted with few friends. As I entered my room I couldn’t clearly distinguish the items in it, clearly it was time for me clear all the useless stuff, (If mom comes here, she will definitely kill me), attacking it was the best move for now.

I started working on the floor first, it was messier than it had ever been, and empty chips packets, cool drinks cans, pizza boxes all roofed my majestic room …………

This could be easily cleared, but worst of all was curry stains on my shirts (hmm time to do laundry too), I picked up all the empty shirts, and tossed them in a basket left a note inside reading “laundry” .I all most forgot about the fight and was enjoying myself in cleaning (how is this possible), only one thing was left, which was removing things from my attic (hardest of all, because of my inevitable fear of spiders)

When I was cleaning the attic, most amazing thing happened! .

I got hold of my dad’s dairy, an old one which was of year 1994

If it were any other year ,I would of tossed it out, but that happened to be my birth year so was turning pages until I found the date I was looking for

November 6 ,1993

“This happens to be the best day in my life, I am a father now, my lovely wife has given birth to a baby girl. She was so cute and so delicate ,I was really afraid to hold her ,what if she falls down, delivery wasn’t normal though ,doctors confused me ,though I didn’t understand most of it ,only thing I could figure out was normal delivery was not possible.sungeetha survived it ,she will never know how tensed I was ,any way I am so happy today ,I promise myself that I dedicate my life in protecting this two wonderful people “

I was completely stuck after reading this ,was this really my dad who wrote this ,how was this possible ,may  be I am not matured enough to understand feel thing ,But I should always remind myself that ,my parents love each other and most of all they will always love me.

Just then I got a call from saying dinner is served and if I don’t rush down now she might come up and see my half cleaned room, so I rushed down  ,everything was back to normal again ,as always

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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