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American ad critic and Journalist Bob Garfield quoted “word of mouth is great, except when it isn’t”. This article is about a million dollar company which implemented this word of mouth marketing in internet and evolved into huge success – FACEBOOK.

About Facebook Advertising:

Facebook is not only for social networking. It explored itself as a successful marketing media. The basic business principle of Facebook having 1 million active advertisers is Ads at the Right Place. The way of advertising is concerned with each individual based on his/her likes, follow, Group, Location, Interest & similar factors. Advertisers create ad, Facebook offers firewall to advertisers in order to target the right audience and display ad only to the people based on factors like location, area, preferences & likes etc. This is termed as personalized ads. In case if you don’t have data to custom audience to your business, Facebook offers third party data to find your right customers. In Facebook advertising, Business relationship is direct touch with the customers.

2 Steps to become Advertiser at Facebook:

Step1: If you want to be an advertiser, create a Facebook page upon your product/ business.

Step2: Make ads in Facebook to reach right people.

Measures to follow after started advertising:

  1.      It is the responsibility of an advertiser to promote the business by creating posts upon latest products, offers and update Facebook page frequently.
  2.      Quality in product information and easy-through customer service are the two basic factors that help in business promotion. As right people get the right ads, the advertisers and the public are benefiting.
  3.      If a person likes the service/ product of company, he likes the Facebook page and shares it. Friends of him will start preferring it. Thus knowingly/ unknowingly, each individual is a marketing agent. Trust between friends has also become a pathway for marketing and advertising.

Benefits of Facebook advertising:

  1.      In Facebook marketing, advertisers have benefit in developing their business by analyzing the comments of people that leads to achieve new objective.
  2.      The ad pricing, campaigning & advertising methodology is the attracting factor for advertisers. Advertisers have the freedom to create ad, campaign, customize ad to people, select the appropriate budget as per impressions and accordingly the ad will be displayed to people.
  3.      Advertisers are not forced to pay even penny more or less than their selected budget. The latest successful method of pricing that has been recently introduced is Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and advertisers started to prefer it than earlier ones. CPA is the method of pricing concerned with specific clicks (such as on some specific words and links) and not on the whole ad/ impression.

In the marketing media, Facebook has proved itself as pioneers among the past and leaders at present. 

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