The thought of Rape needs to be Killed!

Rape, a heinous crime makes me ask just a few thousand questions. While on my way, got to hear this conversation on Radio of a gentleman with the RJ. The gentleman said, “A lot of woman getting out for work, coming back late could be a reason for rapes”. I was like what the crap. “Woman doing well professionally, provokes men to do such heinous crime”, he added. Duh! This is the thought that most of the people in our so-called modern society have.  

That moment, a lot of thoughts just flashed my mind causing too much of a disturbance to the mind. For the very first time in my life I wish I wasn’t a woman. I bet I would have felt more secure being a wild animal. What is the motive behind a rape? Is there any motive? What does the culprit get out of the barbaric act? What is a psychology of a rapist? Is it just a power play? Is it a way to vent out frustration and anger? Is it asserting control and dominance over a physically weaker being, what has he been trying to prove over years? 

What is a rapist’s childhood like? What was the role of the women in his life? How are/is his mother, wife, sister, daughter like? Did he hate women since his growing years so much that he tries to take revenge on them through raping every other woman? What triggers committing of a rape?

Under the nose of seat of power such acts are committed and what will the ‘aam aadmi do’? Candle light marches? Hundreds of Facebook status updates? MADAM demands action, why can’t she just act like Sanjay Gandhi, do something and not talk about it. Sushma Swaraj asks for hanging the accused in 30 days. Really? Why, Why 30 days? This can’t be tolerated for even 30 mins. And why are the Delhi police allowing these rapists to cover their faces? Unmask them, demands aam janta. They cut her with blades; used iron rods to beat her, her intestines were dislocated. If this is true? Why are we still silent? If they can’t be handled by law then, the animal laws must apply to these rapists. There should be fear in their mind before doing it. Why pray for the girl? Why should she survive? And we know what will happen if in case she survives. Do ‘we’ the society even know how to treat a girl who has faced what only she has. And, you know what is funny? Some movie director will cash on the tragedy. What a shame! And what after that?

Never before I had this thought but today, I wonder now if there is actually a God, if prayers mean anything at all. I wonder why we worship ‘Shakti’. Faith and hope are losing their meaning. Humanity is long lost too. Not proud, but ashamed to be an Human Being today. We call ourselves the highly intellectual of all the species. Funny! My brain now harps on Amitabh’s dialogue from ‘sarkar’- soch ko maaro. Kill the thought. The thought of rape needs to be killed.

Archita Mishra

Simple & Superb!

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