To get into a North Campus college of Delhi University is a big dream of many students. They want to join DU not only to get mentored by the best minds in the country but to enjoy college life as well. Thanks to the University authorities, the upcoming generations will have an extra year to hone their skills since UG has been extended to four years. Mind you, that was sarcasm.

When we all heard about the FYUP (Four year undergraduate program), the first thing that crossed our tiny brains was – ‘Phew, thanks randomness of life and parents as well that we were not born in 1995 or later.’ Everyone was relieved and why shouldn’t they be? Who would want to spend an entire year studying what they have already been taught in class tenth! Oh well, it’s still cool you know.

If ya folks think that there were no protests, then somebody gave you wrong information. The Delhi University Teacher’s Union (DUTA) protested every day at the Arts Faculty. AISA interacted with freshers and did a referendum. Though the referendum showed majority of kids opposing the new ‘reforms’ yet there were some who didn’t want to be bothered and instead of listening to what these guys had to say , started bickering with them. That’s cool as well, keeps happening in colleges and elitist institutions- nothing new.

Since the FYUP has been implemented, it can be deduced that these protests made no impact. And how could they even imagine that gathering 50 odd people will make the already tight on schedule, hardworking officials come down and listen to them? Even the one lakh people couldn’t make the government bring in the Lokpal bill then how could these people will? Well, anyways, they did their best to block the revolutionary reformation that was to change the face of entire DU (I mean, it will- when all the UG-3 years kids will be out). The most amazing feature of the FYUP is that it was formulated in less than a year!! This clearly breaks the myth that government machinery is poor and slow. This also shows the dedication of the University authorities. Time tables and courses were made at light’s speed or maybe more than and with precision.

So how is it faring?

There were classes-yes. There were professors-yes. There were even kids sitting and listening. But what was lacking was Time. And as proved by Einstein- it is relative, so no worries there. Time problem is there in the semester system as well, but yeah, I suppose it’s a minor one only otherwise why would the authorities repeat the mistake in FYUP? The newbies i.e. the new colleges apparently had no classes because they were either short on staff or on infrastructure. Oh, and the same problem was faced by the ‘great’ colleges as well but being experienced, they somehow managed.

FYUP is not that bad, though. The best thing is the major- minor thing that we have copied from the USA.  After one year of repeating your tenth standard- your real college life starts in the second year. You have a major subject- that you study in detail, something like the endangered honours course and you have a minor subject- which could include anything your college offers. So, I suppose that ought to be fun. Then if you feel like taking a break or feel enough is enough or maybe you have been suffering from ennui, you can quit- anytime! You can even do that to spite your parents or follow your passion (as per the latest trends).

Repeating the same old thing, I’d say, FYUP has its own pros and cons and it shouldn’t reduce the coming breed of students’ enthusiasm towards DU. It shouldn’t be a deterrent. The hassles and the glitches in the first year must have taught the authorities as to how to deal with the whole thing (I hope so!).  Well, I am not someone who could give an expert opinion on this and I’ve written this from the perspective of a student. Life at DU is the best anyone can have (minus the assignments) and the decision in the end has to be made by the one who has to take the admission. So yeah, free will is there so everyone has a choice to go wherever they want to go.

Deeksha Yadav

A literature kid.

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