Health is Wealth

“Sallu k jaise doley,

 Hrithik k jaise abs,

 John k jaise shoulders”

“Deepika k jaise curves,

  Bips k jaise Hips,

  Katrina k jaisi kamar,

  Shilpa k jaise legs”

Once in a while we do hear people confabulating about these topics, but one hardly knows the amount of sweat they should exude to remain in shape and to stay fit.

Despite knowing the fact that “Health is Wealth” we tend to ignore the former and are always concerned about the latter. Even though Medical Science has scaled greater heights and has been providing a feasible solution for our Health Problems, it is always advisable to take precautions from our own end if we want to lead a Happy and Healthy Life.

Just recall those Historic times of Mahabharata and Ramayana where people solely survived on Natural edibles and Yoga was a primary exercise followed. I am not sure if the Kings really had those “Six Packs” as they show in the Tele Series J J but what I am sure of is that people of those times survived longer compared to ours.

We, on the other hand, don’t get to take Fresh Air unlike those times, we hardly witness the sun rise in the morning, leave alone home cooked hygienic food; we don’t even have time for a proper meal. We are so busy building our career (not everyone though, there are absolute considerations for people like me who are jobless and yet too busy) that we are sleep deprived most of the time, we hardly go out for a walk and are too lazy to stretch out those muscles & joints.

The result?

Migraine, Stomach Problem, Eye Sight issue, Acne problem etc.

Most of the times I see even small 5 year old kids with big frames attached to their faces and feel bad about them. At my hostel most of my friends have big fat bellies and when I ask them why don’t they do something about it, pat comes the reply “Ye sampannata ki Nishani hai, tera to hai hi nahi”, I become speechless after that and I’m sure you can imagine why! I know, who cares right? It’s me and my life and I am proud of who I am and however / whatever I’m, I am a firm believer of this concept too but for once, let’s forget the “I give a damn to what people say or think about me” concept and just focus on the cons – Excess fat in the body results to extreme tiredness, breathing problems, diabetes and similar other problems and to sum it up eye balls rolling when we go out.


Keep in mind that I am not making fun of people who have those extra pounds on them, my own mom has it on her and currently on my suggestion she is following some Yoga regime to stay Healthy and the good part is; her primary problems of back pain, joints pain are slowly vanishing.

Simple precautionary measures could be followed up to keep certain Health issues at bay:

  • Drinking ample amount of water helps our body to function properly and also keeps most of our skin problems away.
  • The pollution, dirt and travelling always invites harmful bacteria and it’s advisable to keep a hand sanitizer for quickly cleaning our hands in emergencies before consuming anything.
  • Avoiding junk foods as much as possible (I know it’s too tempting though) would be a viable solution for most of our stomach related issues.
  • One must not ignore the profound benefits a simple walk could bring into their life or following some Yoga asana OR may be stretching out those muscles a bit here and there for 10-15 minutes could actually keep the mind fresh and the body immune to several diseases.
  • A sound sleep is a must if we want our body and brain to function properly so no matter how busy we may be, we should never fail to give the requisite rest to our body.
  • We must consume fresh fruits from time to time so as to stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.


No matter what your personal perspective is in this context, I am sure you would agree with me that deep inside everybody desires to be liked and admired by everyone and even though it is merely important; at least for the sake of living a Healthy Life we could follow up on some Health Regime before it’s too late to make a start.

There is a reason as to why some people look way older than their actual age and some people look much younger in contrast. There is a reason why there is an increase in Heart problem every year, there is a reason why people turn up frustrated-grumpy and as a result end up being lonely and deteriorate. There is a reason why“Health Insurance” has become a must for every individual today.

Reasons are known to us and even the answers to them but the question is:

“Are we taking the necessary steps? Are we actually concerned?”

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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