Why is it difficult to quit smoking?

Guys I was once a smoker and I am penning down why I felt it difficult to quit.

Why is it difficult to quit smoking? The answer is simple. It’s like breaking up with your girlfriend or your best friend. It may seem strange or funny but it is true.

We are companion seeking beings .Though we have innumerable number of friends in our lives, deep down our heart we are always lonely searching for someone who can be a part of our life and support us through thick and thin. Therefore, when one is addicted, cigarette becomes man’s best friend. This is the reason why it makes us difficult to quit because it is not easy to give up on your friend.

In the beginning, cigarette is just a mere acquaintance. It is like you know somebody and you meet them occasionally here and there. Then, after you start bumping into each other regularly your friendship begins to blossom. The number of cigarettes you smoke rises gradually as your bond strengthens. People might like or detest your friend but you sincerely don’t give a damn to them and sooner or later you end up making time for them to meet privately or publicly.

¬†When we’re not in the right mood we always have our friend in the pockets. Lighting it up and blowing those puffs slowly through the air which gives us the much needed break from our mundane issues. When we are happy, we share it with our closed ones and we do the same when we are distressed. We human beings need a shoulder to cry on and when there is no one available for it we always have our friend lying inside our pockets.

It is the development of this emotional bond makes one difficult to quit it. We all know back of our minds what the solution is, but it takes guts to stand on conviction of what one believes in.

We feel a lot for things for which are not even alive like our friend I was talking about. Hope we become normal some day and instead of valuing materialistic things value human relationships and in the process let go of our “Imaginary friend”.

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