It’s Maggi

Do I hear the whisper of excitement or do I hear that groan? For all those who despise the very existence of Maggi, I despise you too. Just kidding, of course. Growing up in a city like Indore, hasn’t been the same like it would, had it been Delhi or Mumbai. Because, the city developed so out of proportions, right before my eyes, there were gasps of astonishments every few months. But, this has remained the city of food. You would find a person making billions and still gulping down food, or someone, just making their pocket money stretch by the month, indulging in food. And just when I thought, there could be no more of food joints, there popped up even more. One of them being Fyi. It was a 4 people startup which now has evidently marked its position in all the major cities across India. Fyi is a Maggi chain, stating “For your information, it’s Maggi”. They serve around 25 items made solely from Maggi, some you would have imagined before, some you would be deliciously surprised at. The names of delicacies are internet acronyms which is a concept of college hangout. And the icing to the cake, being the free WiFi it provides. That is definitely an offer people can’t refuse. Enough with the jibber jabber, here are some of the items, which caught my attention:

1. BRB (Be Right Back): Hot semi soupy Maggi tossed in green chillies and garlic. This one leaves you a reminder of traditional Maggi, with just a slight tang to it.

2. KO (Knock Out): This one gets on your nerves with the extra spice, and of course, its specialty being the Punjabi flavor blended with it.

3. PFA (Please Find Attachment): This one is more like your Frankie with a Chinese filling, and tingles your taste buds all the way.

4. WTF (What The F**k): This one begs for your attention, when you read its description. It is crunchy, and has a slight honey like, sweet flavor to it. But the sweet part is subsidized with brilliant spicy flavor.

5. PS (Post Script): My personal favorite. These are Maggi kebabs with vegetable dressing and chaat masala sprinkled on the top. This tastes so amazing, that you would not be able to stop yourself ordering another one.

Oh, you can have the Italian, white sauce, red sauce Maggi, the eastern delectable Maggi momos, Maggi Pizza, Maggi Biryani, Pulao and whatever you could imagine and still not imagine of. This one is for all the Maggi lovers out there. And if you aren’t, I guess, you’d wish that you were.

Mimansa Jaiswal

I am an engineering student, unintentionally in love with books, writing and sketching. I am an avid coder, philosopher and counsellor for people and all my friends.

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