Just a Thought!!

I saw today

As I walked down the lane

Nearby the filthy drain,

Yes, saw the poor guy

Searching for food in the rags

Looking for shelter in the street

It seemed from his condition

For days he must have had nothing to eat.

His clothes were torn

His body was weary

Seeing him cry aloud

My heart felt so sorry.

People were busy

The street was noisy

Everyone on a rush

Dashing, pushing each other

Just to catch the bus.

Some were talking on their cell phones,

Some were just strolling around,

Some were simply smoking

Some eyes were carelessly blinking.

Some were sipping cold drinks.

A lady passed by dispensing some expensive perfume,

Passing comment “The rugged guy stinks”



Gosh!! The heat was so unbearable..

And yet the guy was bare foot

To cover his burning skin

He did not have a boot.

And still no one cared to bother

A human dying in front of them

And yet it seemed it didn’t matter.


I couldn’t help but rush to the guy

My heart ached for him, don’t know why.

Offered him water and sprinkled his head

By the time people gathered

The guy was dead.


Whom to blame now: “People or his fate?”

With this lingering question on my head,

I stayed awake all night in bed.


Looked at the watch it was eight

Rushed off to college as I was late,

But the question remains unanswered yet:

“People or his fate?”

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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