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Imagine that you live in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India and want to learn how to play the bongo (inspired by Richard Feynman, perhaps), or that you live in Oregon, U.S.A. and are an expert in the programming language C dot and willing to share your knowledge. A few years ago, you would just be left with the longing, unless by some extra-ordinary co-incidence. But now, with the rapid take-off in e-learning, anything is possible. E-learning traditionally meant that you could gain knowledge from videos uploaded by experts, or by interacting with a few subject teachers. This can be both costly and not very viable. However, with the advent of peer to peer learning websites like LearnSocial, that problem is solved.  LearnSocial provides a platform where anyone can learn anything. Not from books, but from people who are passionate to teach, share their knowledge have invaluable expertise in wide ranging subjects. It is where anyone, you and me, could teach anything that interests us. It has been meticulously designed that learning is not only about test prep, a platform to tap your skills. The world just became a classroom, an open one at that. It‘s not always possible for each of us to take courses in a subject or field of our choice physically, or the course may not even be available near our geographical location. P2p learning systems take care of that problem. LearnSocial is the world’s first platform that supports learning across all channels of online, real world and pre-recorded content. It was launched on the 7th of April this year and has conducted over 50 sessions in diverse topics including Art, Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Business and Academics.

Will one be teaching for free? No. LearnSocial has an interesting revenue model where the teacher can earn for his skills. And yes teaching could be face to face, online or even pre-recorded. Their revenue model goes like this
Physical (80% to trainer, 20% to LearnSocial)
Virtual (70% to trainer, 30% to LearnSocial)
Self Placed (50% to trainer, 50% to LearnSocial)

Not just in education, but Learn Social is also exploring the creation of business oriented solutions to serve the unique learning needs of the corporate, proving to one and all that it has fresh ideas and powerful tools.

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