Life made easy: e-shopping!

There used to be a time of little shops and few stores here and there, but today almost everything has gone online, even the grocery stores. E-shopping is easy, convenient and methodical. It offers a host of choices in products and is time saving.

Electronic shopping that is shopping on internet has spread like a wildfire. Even if we are not buying stuff over internet, we always find ourselves looking on the web for things we want to buy. Until recently, internet was being treated as an information source, then it slowly plugged in the social network gear and the crowd loved it, now it is a growing supermarket, anything and almost everything can be bought online. The user has shown growing interest in this e-market and feels comfortable in electronic shopping via Debit Cards, Credit Cards , Paypal etc., which is very significant considering the fact we share our bank account’s details and other data so freely and easily.

     With this article I am going to share some secrets of online shopping with you. As it is mentioned earlier, sites which sell stuff are growing rapidly in their range as well in their numbers.  Shoppers tend to get confused on the matters of quality, rates, warranty and delivery. In this article you will see which is the best website for your kind of stuff.

For the bookworm:

Flipkart : This is definitely the best e-market for books, latest books, old books, and academic books are all available in wide range and reasonable prices.

Crossword : This is another website with a wide range of books you can choose from, also periodicals are available.

Apparels, shoes, accessories :

Flipkart : With its new range of apparel market and accessories in different categories, shoes etc. it definitely takes the top place in the list of websites for buying these.

Myntra: Myntra has a better collection of apparels and accessories. You will find some wonderful new designs on this website with latest fashion trend.

For the gadget freak:

Flipkart:  By far this is the best place for techie stuff, has a wide range and amazing discounts and club offers. (please do read review section for anything you buy.)

Tantra is another good website for buying T-shirts.


Ferns & Petals is an excellent e-store for flowers and potted plants with delivery option available. Some sites offer the option of delivering birthday cakes and flowers at midnight. Besides shopping , recharging the account for various mobile services, DTH connections , wifi connections, paying bills for mobile etc. are being done on the internet websites are offering services at a rapid rate and efficient delivery of services ensures their continuous usage and immediate growth.

In the modern world we are always looking for ingenious way to do things, maybe it is the need of the hour or maybe this is progress, no one can say. But these websites do offer some advantages like ‘no hassle of paper bills which later become difficult to manage’ so technically hey help in saving trees. Another thing that I love most is the option of ‘cash on delivery’.

Some Tips:

  1. Security must always be primary. So always check the security certificates of any website where you shop from. Look for ‘verified’ or ‘trusted’ signs before entering in the details.
  2. Beware of phishing and spam sites.
  3. Always keep a copy of bills and purchases you do online.
  4. Always read reviews about any product before buying.
  5. Try to pay using ‘cash on delivery’ option whenever possible.
  6. Always complain if you are not satisfied by the product’s quality or any other delivery related issues.

To be frank I must say life has become very easy and simplified in the area of shopping and we do feel a bit of relaxation when we do not have to walk that extra mile to see the shop closed , today’s world offers us the advantage of ‘click and get’ approach to shopping but we must not take that approach to other spheres of life.  Life is about experiencing, you will never be able to scent those flowers which you got delivered to your lover if you don’t walk that extra mile.

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