One Click Away!

‘OLX pe bech de’ (Sell it on OLX)

‘Quickr dot com pe ja na.’ (Go to quickr dot com)

‘Yahan sab kuch bikta hai.’ (Everything can be sold here)

            Catchy phrases as such and catering to the needs where we want to Explore More!

 Enough said, it has got what a typical Indian might want to do with the new laptop and internet connection he got for Diwali. And when it is free, there, you’ve used the magic word. Following the pattern of, sites such as and  launched their free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities.

  OLX was co-founded in March 2006 by Internet entrepreneurs Fabrice Grinda and A.C.F. Oxenford. It is available in 96 countries and 45 languages as of January, 2011. OLX is  known for classified advertisements.

 Quickr Is more of a social collaboration software developed by IBM in 2008. It is currently available in 900 cities across India.

          So what is that secret spice that is giving them the aroma of success?

In a way, websites such as OLX and Quickr are rapidly abridging the generation gap which was widening since the invention of World Wide Web. With their rudimentary approach, they are attracting both the younger and older generation. The very purpose of selling something just by clicking their picture and uploading them saves them from a tedious job of getting a customer.

It’s user friendly, saves time making a trip to the market, saves you from the hassles of bargaining (a lot!) and they also has the largest category to choose from.



They are not condensed to just selling and buying, in fact, they have a broader category to entertain, like, renting a flat, finding a tenant, selling and buying a large variety of products from electronics to cars or bikes or that book that you don’t read anymore or that paiting you got as a gift and you get the gist of it. If I’m not wrong, Quickr and OLX  is even trying to give job portals such as a tough time by broadening their category to ‘Post your Resume’.


And it’s not like you have to sit with your desktop or laptop to get a hang of it. Don’t have time to be at home and go through the pain of it all, get you tab out or your cell and access it right where you are. No Hassles!


What more could be said? These sites are even pruning the gap between urban and rural. According to the latest fact, OLX is even grabbing Rural India in its clutch and it can’t be more bizarre than this. Not just electronics, house, or other odds and ends, you have to watch out for a Black ‘murrah’ buffalo or a Holstien Friesian cow if you are into such things.

In an era where time is money, sites like OLX and Quickr knows how to capitalise on it and helps us encash it too. By diminishing the gap between users, thus broadening the market for customers and bringing customers’ lot to sellers, I would say even a trivial trouble could give rise to ‘quickrrr, quickrrr’ and then you will be ‘OLX pe bech de’!

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