Bargain Shopping in Mumbai

Living in Mumbai for the past 20 years definitely turns one into a shop-a-holic. The several lanes in downtown South Mumbai often termed as SoBo and the upper hills in Bandra surely make you want to street shop. There are many high end malls and branded stores, but a true Mumbaikar will find the essence of shopping from the streets. However so, Mumbaiites are inclined to a very distinctive type of shopping spree; I term it as Bargain shopping. No Street shopping goes without the typical bargaining agenda. Every shopper arrives with a wallet filled with cash notes after performing an appropriate analysis of how much the bargaining will help them save. Everyone wants to buy several products for less cost. And the best part is, that is very much possible in Mumbai.

Here are a few tips to help you bargain shop the next time you visit Mumbai:

  • Visit the shopping hubs: Colaba causeway, Bandra linking road, Bandra Pali Hill, Andheri lokhandwala.
  • Visit the right stores:

Colaba Causeway: The line of stores next to Regal cinemas, The one behind the Times of India building, The one opposite Delhi darbar( perhaps you could have scrumptious biryani there after a tiresome shopping experience).

Bandra linking road: The line of shoe stalls, Gazebo (a building with multiple stalls inside), The KFC lane.

Bandra Pali hill: The one near Pali village, the whole street is just like an eye candy for a shop-a-holic.

Andheri Lokhandwala: Yet again the whole street offers multiple options for shopping, City girl is one great inexpensive option, the accessories stall next to Mc Donalds.

  • Buy products that are famous, sellers don’t mind bargaining if they have large volumes of sale;

Some famous products from our Mumbai streets:

Accessories: chains, necklaces, earrings, handbags, hairpins, etc.

Apparel: Kurtas, Palazo, tops, harrom pants, coloured jeans.

  • Use the Mumbai lingos, don’t sound like a tourist; call the seller a “bhaiya” often.
  • Mention how you live here and always buy from the streets.
  • Mention the other stall is offering you a lower price.
  • If the seller doesn’t agree to the price you have offered start walking away from the stall (you will surely here him shout out a 200 decline in price).
  • Begin the bargain process with a direct 400-500 decline in price if the product costs about 1100.
  • Be very persuasive, keep smiling, mention we will surely come next time and buy from your stall.
  • Strike a conversation with the seller, make him feel you are surely going to buy most of the products from his stall.

I had once been to Bandra linking road with 1000 bucks in my wallet. I bought a top, shorts, glares, chain and a pair of chappals all in that one thousand. One can easily buy a head to toe attire at minimal cost provided one has the bargaining skills of a Mumbaikar. Hope you will find some luck street shopping on your next trip to Mumbai.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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