Silenced Agony

A rap on the door, then two

She peeps out then creeps back in.

Panic strikes as the strangers ask her to let them in,

She locks the door and blocks possible entrances.

Crouched in a corner,

Unsure of escape.

She clings to hope,

Says a silent prayer.


She tries to run.

Caught by the hair,

Pinned to the ground.

Hunger for lust unleashed itself,

Humans in demonic forms appeared.

Her cries, her struggle went unheard.

Her adornments torn one by one.

Her eyes stunned, unmoved.

The tear that falls down her cheek stops midway,

Knowing its fate.

Tousled hair not because she woke up from a good night’s sleep,

Her shame multiplies as she lays in all her nakedness.

Not her fault.

But she is made to believe otherwise.

The demons laugh as they crave for their next prey,

For them its all games and play.

She hasn’t moved from the corner they left her at,

Clinging to torn pieces of cloth which barely cover her.

Used to fear the dark once,

But its light she is afraid of now.

Swollen eyes have hit a drought,

Staring into the darkness, looking for a reason to go on.

Raghavi Jhanjee

Writing found me and has never left since. I love to meet new people and also solve the different problems that people have. Adore dogs. I am free-spirited, fun loving and straightforward as a person.