Social Smoking- Shun it, for good

You might have come across this word- “Social Smoking” or maybe you also came across many people who are social smokers. So, what constitutes social smoking? How is a social smoker different from a regular smoker? Is it the number of cigarettes they smoke make a difference or is it the environment they smoke in? Frankly, there are no fixed definitions or parameters that differentiate these two categories of smokers. A lot of researchers have suggested that there cannot be classified separately. One can either be a smoker or a non-smoker. There is nothing like a social smoker. Either you are this way or that way, nothing in between.

There are a lot of people who use this term called as “social smoking”  to showcase a behaviour which is- smoking  on occasions, mostly while drinking alcohol. Also, smoking is limited to a number of very few cigarettes in a day, smoking is for pleasure which includes smoking ‘finer’ cigarettes. This also sometimes includes smoking of cigars or pipes and also smoking in selected environments.

The intent of using the word social smoking is to control one’s nicotine intake and not allow it to control the person. There is very thin line between and most often, smoking and not getting addicted to nicotine is merely a wishful thinking and not more than that.

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If you know of someone who is a social smoker or if you are calling yourself a social smoker all this while, you might also be under the impression that you are not subjected to the painful consequences that the regular smokers are faced with. Here are a few very important pointers that should enlighten all the so-called smokers.

Right now, Stub it right now!

  • If you are claiming that you are smoking a few cigarettes than your friends, then give a pat on your back as it is easier for you to quit smoking. In case you are also claiming that you are not addicted to nicotine, then the best-est way to prove is to quit altogether and once for all.
  • Keep a track, count the number of cigarettes you are smoking in a week. For once, you will be surprised that you are smoking more than you think you are. Your aim should be to cut down this number rapidly day by day every week and then stop smoking altogether.
  • Limit the intake of alcohol. You might feel like smoking when you are drunk. Alternatively, you can also ensure that you cut all the means of cigarette supply before you sit down for the drinks. This is help you refrain from getting tempted.
  • Be conscious of your environment. Keep away from the environments where you allow yourself to smoke. Make sure that you do not smoke at your home or workplace. Keep that part of your life smoke-free.
  • There is nothing like support from your loved ones. Ask for help. Request your family or friends to help you quit. They can be supporting by helping you kick the habit by denying you cigarettes or by diverting your attention when you feel the urge to smoke.
  • You also have to practice some attention diversion techniques yourself too. When you feel stressed or bored, and feel that you need to “socialise” now, you have to get the hint and understand that it is the nicotine calling you. You are your own master and you are never supposed to fall for it. The only way to control nicotine is to abstain from it.
  • Always remember there is nothing called as “Social Smoking”. You are never far from addiction. Stub it. ASAP.

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