Walking- a treat for good health

Every morning, I wake up to find myself closer to the nature. All thanks to that one activity that I truly adore is going for a morning walk every day. It acts as a daily dose to boost up the endorphin levels in my body. Here are a few experiences that I would like to share. Some of you might be able to relate when I talk about my early morning walk experiences, a few of you might even benefit from it.

Walking is great for fitness. It is a low-impact form of cardio-exercise. It seems true when someone calls walking as the ‘most accessible’ exercise for people of all ages. People belonging to any age group, gender can make walking as an important task of their day-to-day activities. This is my first observation every day when I am out in the park for a walk. I find different people walk, jog, and exercise; spend time with spouse or children. Yes, walking also is a great way to improve relationships. Spending quality time with loved one has always been a challenge for most of us. That one hour of time can be spent well for making yourself fit as well as spend some good time with your kid or a loved one.

Today, we see a lot of people suffering with chronic disorders like diabetes, hypertension etc.  With changing lifestyles and faulty food habits we increase our risk of being vulnerable to a lot of health issues. Each one of us needs to struggle a lot to make ourselves safe and carry a risk factor for any of the health issue. The first step towards change in lifestyle begins with a walk. It is the easiest way to start off. Walking helps you keep fit and energised throughout the day. It greatly helps you in beating stress and you start finding joys in small things that you do or that happen in our daily life.

A walk early in the morning not only provides you with health benefits but also brings you close to the nature. This is one thing I love the most about early morning walks! Being a nature lover myself, I enjoy the flora and fauna present around me in the park each morning. Chirping of the birds, beautiful rock formations, ponds with lotuses and a lot of children playing around adds to the scenic beauty. I enjoy all the beauty the nature has to offer for me.

Even though people know the benefits of walking regularly, I see a lot of them making excuses for not being able to go for it. It seems so strange to me that we ourselves have made our lives so hectic that we now fail to find time for our own self. We perfectly know how to give excuses for not doing things that benefit our own lives. Sedentary lifestyle, bad food habits and least or no physical activity have become a part and parcel of our lives.

When I look back, there were days when I had my own reason or rather call it excuses for not going for regular walks. Today, I have bypassed all those days of procrastination and been a regular walker for three months now.  It was difficult for the first few weeks where a part of my brain cells would ask me to go back to sleep and the rest half of my brain would say- ‘Get UP, go for a walk’. It was a choice I made versus my excuses and walked my way towards good health.

Wake up, walk and experience for yourself the energy and enthusiasm that flows within you when you start! Find reasons why you should do it, I am sure there would be many!

Archita Mishra

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