Defeat the Defeat – Celebrate Startup Failure

They say “Defeat the defeat before it defeats you”, but what if you fail when you boldly take a step to start your company and have no idea how to cope up.

Starting up new venture has never been easy and entrepreneur ship is not every ones cup of tea. Very few possess the courage to take a bold step to start a new company or venture but not all have the strength to face the failure. Especially in a country like India, people hesitate  to start a venture for the fear of not succeeding. Even though the economy of country is growing rapidly, it faces the after math of first world countries. Especially the recession and increased attrition stumped the ideas of the talented for the fear of being jobless. The fear of failure is the largest barrier for people to take a step towards entrepreneur ship! In places like Silicon Valley, failures are accepted with grace . In India Start up failures are very gloomy  and the individuals are looked down upon.

Management gurus have come up with an amazing idea called “Start up Funeral” which deals with the major causes for the failure and can be a learning experience for all the newbie entrepreneurs. This is a mission to help the entrepreneur community celebrate the failure by providing a place where everyone can share and learn from the experiences. After all failure is indeed a stepping stone to success.

Failure is the biggest teacher for any entrepreneur. Although it is treated as a taboo in schools and colleges, nothing will teach us better than facing failure real-time. The eventual success will compensate all the prior failures.

A 100 reasons can be cited for the failure of a dream. Rather than pondering over the social media, these guys found it better to come together and identify the reasons, take tips for betterment from the “been-there-done-that” guys (experienced business men) and try avoiding the same mistake again.

This is how the concept of “Start up Funerals” took shape. To know more about the events, when and where they are organised, go to

Thomas Alva Edison invented light bulb after failing 100s of times. He even stated “I have not failed 1,000 times.  I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb”. There are stories of people like Harland Sanders who even after becoming penniless expanded the franchise units for KFC with his original recipe for chicken at the age of 65. You must be aware Einstein’s story; who was thought as mentally handicapped, slow and unsocial but he eventually won the Nobel Prize.

Sometimes failure also gives new direction to a career. “Never give up” can be the only mantra to succeed in any business. Discussing failure and the reasons for it rather than hiding it under the carpet is as important as discussing success and some times more important.

In recognition of the people who failed, Mumbai based Zenith Society is organising a nationwide program Startup Funerals! The program is dedicated to bring entrepreneurs who have failed on one or more ventures to the podium and get them to share their experiences and learning from their failure with a live audience. The program is going to be hosted in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. The event has limited seats and is completely free. It includes a long list of prominent speakers right from investors to entrepreneurs. The speaker list includes biggies like Sasha Mirchandani(Mumbai), Rehan Yar Khan(Mumbai), Rutvik Doshi(Bangalore), Ravi Gururaj(Bangalore), Ananad Vemuri(Delhi), Kartik Desai(Delhi), Sushanto Mitra, KC Ramakrishna, Hiteshwar Vadlamudi, Srinivas Chilukuri(Hyderabad) and many other names that are venerable in Indian Startup ecosystem.

You too can attend these unique funerals to stay alive, healthy and wealthy. Rather than building castles in air and dreaming to beat bill gates or Zuckerberg without a solid dream, it’s always good to meet people, understand what you are good at and take a plunge.

Stay Confident, Stay Bold and never live with the fear to fail. Take the plunge!!

Starts up funerals event will be conducted in Hyderabad on Dec 6th 2012. To know more go to

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