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A few weeks back, when the sun started getting really angry and began glowering down at us mere mortals, my elder brother and I were unfortunately caught at the receiving end of Sun’s famous may-end summer mayhem! Well, my brother recently became a doctor and he considers it his cardinal responsibility to guide and show me the correct way in all things related to medical sciences! The matter at concern here is that he stopped me from buying soft drinks in that sizzling hot weather and instead just took out a bottle of water from his backpack and handed it to me! A moment of doubt and a raised eyebrow, that was enough for him to break into a medical science sermon. A lot of googling and some thought convinced me that big brothers may just be right sometimes!

Making up 90% of your brain and over 70% of your body, water is indeed life! If there is one thing that comes close to being an elixir, it is water. Apart from aiding in bowel functions and health of kidney, the everyday usefulness of water is simply immense. From being a natural mood-lifter to energizing muscles and relieving fatigue, few drinks can match up to a simple plain glass of water! Since skin contains plenty of water, dehydration makes it dry and wrinkled so even beauticians never fail to advise 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Soft drinks generally top the charts of favorite summer drinks, especially in the case of youngsters, but a mere cursory glance beyond the marketing, advertising and packaging will reveal some pretty ugly truths. For instance, did you know that a can of soft drink contains 12 teaspoons of sugar? Would you call that a daily drink? Soft drinks, at best, must only be consumed occasionally.  Poor appetite and tooth decay are some other problems that soft drinks entail. While fruit juices have conventionally been deemed healthy yet they are not as healthy as many of us would like to believe. Whole fruits are healthier than their juices; these juices have a high content of sugar in them, which render them almost equivalent to any other fuzzy drink.

If you are still looking for more reasons to change your favorite summer drink, chew on these for a moment: Water enhances blood flow to the heart making it healthier, improves our concentration and promotes weight loss. Now that I have finally managed to grab your attention by making the mention of weight loss, let us see how we can improve our daily intake of water:

  • Whenever you go out, take a bottle of water along. It is better to carry plain water than buy mineral water. It comes at no cost and without any availability concerns!
  • During exercises or sports, prefer water over energy drinks.
  • If plain water is too plain for you then try adding orange, mint or lemon flavor!
  • Consume water-rich foods like tomatoes, watermelons and carrots.

Wish you all a bright and a healthy summer ahead with more of water and less of sugar 🙂

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