Travel to ‘Nowhere’

A journey without a destination and a trip without a plan is all you need. Only when you can get past the Hows, Whys and Whens will you experience pure bliss. Pack you bag, book a ticket to ‘Nowhere’ and it will lead you ‘Somewhere’ you were meant to be. The adrenaline rush in your blood and the feeling of uncertainty are the only requirements of this journey. Change your perspective and enjoy this ride. Embrace this long road that leads to ‘Nowhere’ and the hope of ending ‘Somewhere’. The heart and soul of ‘Nowhere’ is the belief that it is alright to not know the directions, to be uncertain and to have the fear of the unknown as long as you are moving forward. Go, take a step.

Look out for the people you meet on this journey. Those are the people you’ll never forget. The people who were meant to cross your path for a reason. Learn their stories, tell them yours. Widen your horizon. Strangers can enlighten you in a way not even your loved ones can. Go, find these people. They might not have the best lessons to bestow upon you, they might not even have a great story to tell but its your perspective that will make the stories worth listening to. The journey is sure to lose its true essence if not accompanied by a companion. Someone is meant to be by your side, even if it’s a long road to ‘Nowhere’. Tag them along not because you are afraid of solitude but because you believe their presence will make sense by the end of the journey. Your favorite person on this journey will be someone you are comfortable sharing silence with. Cross a milestone and fill your backpack with memories. The memories you didn’t plan on having but is now a part of who you are. Your stories won’t mean anything unless you have someone to share them to. Feel the joy of being able to share your story, your journey, your life. Its always a good thing. Believe in your person. Believe that they were meant to travel with you.

Hope is a miraculous thing. It brings your this ‘Nowhere’ journey to its destination. Encourage yourself to embrace hope. It may not make sense the first time but someday it will. The hope that you are heading in the right direction, meeting the right people, making the right decisions and having the right perspective to this journey. Its just the hope to begin.

Sameeksha Agarwal

Someone whose life revolves around Faith, Hope and Dreams.

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