Are you doing after workout right?

Well we all have heard about stay healthy, stay fit and stay beautiful motto. It’s easier said than done. But make sure in the process of staying fit you don’t end up killing yourself. Most of the people in the whole journey to get the perfect body and the perfect flexibility, forget to make sure that the same workout session doesn’t turn out be a nightmare after the night’s sleep. physical trainers all over the world have pointed out at various conferences and have even published repeatedy on how regular gym goers should concentrate on the after workout steps. Here are the five major routines you should make sure to follow after a heavy workout session.

1. Gulp down water!

Drink loads and loads of water after the whole exertion. This is because your body has shred out all the water in your body through sweat and you would be dehydrated if there is no proper intake of water or glucose. Make sure to not push down your energy level to the ground strike.

2. Hot shower!

This is quite the obvious one but with a minor mistake which a lot of people make. Make sure not to take an immediate cold shower after the workout session because it can make you fall sick. The whole point of a hot shower is that it helps the body temperature become stable from the heavy exercises.

3. Eat up.

This may sound absurd but it is a mandatory one. You need to refuel yourself with some food, healthy of course. Heavy workout may cause loss of carbohydrates and muscle tears. To ensure to revamp all the lost in the process, food needs to be taken in a sufficient amount to avoid weakness.

4. Mellow down last 5 minutes!

Make sure when you are about to complete your workout session, make your pace slow for the last five minutes. This helps to avoid the immediate panting and tiredness, cooling down your body.

5. Stretch few nerves!

After a heavy cardio session and a good treadmill run, one needs to stretch their legs and arms to loosen up a bit. This doesn’t mean you cause yourself more pain. Make sure to stretch to a point where you don’t feel any pain. This stretching session is important for the tightness of the body due to the workout to make it loose and flexible.

Make sure you take care of your body as much as you do during your fitness workouts.  Stay fit, stay happy!

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