Fitbit for fitness

In today’s world of fast paced technological advancement, many people seldom find the time to look after their fitness. The current day and age requires fitness solutions that fit today’s tech-enabled world. One of the most iconic and notable such technological innovation for fitness purposes, is the fitbit. 

The FitBit was introduced in 2008 by co-founders Eric Friedman and James Park in San Francisco. At it’s heart, it’s a pedometer- it records the number of steps you take. But unlike the pedometers of old, the FitBit has some great technological enhancements that make it a must have gadget for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. 
The FitBit is shaped like a pin and can easily fit onto a shirt or pant pocket. The FitBit logs the wearer’s activities throughout the day, and records data like the number of steps taken, distance, calories burned and the speed of the movement- it not only detects the steps, but it also detects how fast or vigorous the movements were. 
During the night, the FitBit can be worn as a wrist band and it then monitors sleep quality. It records the number of hours of sleep, and it even knows when the wearer is awake.
The OLED display tells the user of valuable information, like the number of steps taken and total number of steps, so that if the wearer is falling short of the target, he/she  can pick up speed accordingly. Another nice touch is the  little flower avatar that grows or shrinks based on performance. 
The FitBit transmits all this data to the base station, where it gets uploaded onto the wearer’s online profile. The profile helps to monitor progress, track the details of your daily routine, and so on. There’s also a FitBit smartphone app that can be used to manually input workout details and access the online profile. This profile can then be used to monitor daily, weekly and monthly profiles, and also to create a food plan for healthier eating.
The FitBit now comes with social network integration. THis allows the users of FitBit to view the stats of others, to share their own stats, and enables a healthy sense of competition between the users.
The FitBit is like that persistent friend, relative or trainer that keeps pushing you onwards till you finish your goal. It puts forward your fitness information in
such a manner that it’s easily readable, and gets prioritized. The FitBit in it’s various iterations, will definitely prove to be a boon for those who wish to live longer and healthier lives.

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