8 Easy steps to fitness

Whoever said that you need to hit a gym to be fit when it’s mostly irregular lifestyle that is the cause behind all the major ailments today? Here is the list of a few changes you can do in your day to day pattern of having food without having to devote extra time and money to lead a healthier life.

Following are the points same as those everyone has read over and over again, but this time with a deeper insightThis article is less about what to do and more about how to and why to

  1. Water and how you take it– Everyone tells you to drink as much water as you can. However, what no one tells you is how to take it. All together or in instalments? Do not take water during the meals unless you choke yourself. (It reduces your body’s capacity to digest.) Do not drink water immediately after the meal either, not for at least half an hour. I know it’s difficult but it’s worth it.  At the same time, try to make it a habit to drink water about 15 minutes prior to meals. It aids digestion. Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Have a hearty Breakfast– We have heard a hundred times that we should have a king size breakfast. Nonetheless, increasingly, people have started skipping their breakfasts, the most important meal of the day. Just think of it, you consume the battery of your phone. Then, you have to charge it up before you can go on using it. It’s the same here. Once your energy has been consumed after the whole day work and a night’s sleep, how can you go on working for the day without having a hearty meal in the morning.                                                                                                                                    You may not realise it but your body does suffer. There is a good news though, that is you can be a little liberal with your breakfast. Although you should include all the constituents of the balanced diet, a tad more calories won’t do much harm as they get burnt up during the day-long hard work.
  3.  Lunch-Now lunch is a matter of concern because most of us living in urban setups go out every day and mostly have our lunch outside and it’s difficult finding healthy food outside. Still, try to keep it as healthy as possible. Whatever amount of unhealthy stuff you eat, try to make it up with breakfasts and dinners.Remember that fast food does not provide the body what it needs and instead, adds up what it does not want.
  4. Dinner– Well most of us take our dinner as our biggest meal of the day. While some of us skip it. Both are dangerous. Have your dinner early and try and reduce your dinner amount.
  5. Less of caffeine- Now I don’t say don’t have coffee and tea because it is unhealthy. I say avoid caffeine as much as possible because it is unhealthy indirectly. How? Here it is. You usually take tea or coffee during breaks in the three major meals of the day. Now these are the times when you should instead take something fibrous like nuts or fruits. However, is it possible to eat fruits with coffee? No. So, you miss out on healthier things because you are having caffeine. ( If you are having these drinks during the meals, you can now imagine the gravity of your situation.)
  6. Stay active– Today we don’t have time for exercise or yoga. Well if you can spare time, nothing can be better. If you can’t, then you can try to be as physically active as you can. We have technological clones of ourselves these days to lessen our burden. These iron and plastic robots are making us very dependent and unhealthy each passing moment. If you have to go the next street, you give a kick to your bike. You want to shop, you click and shop. We have machines for everything from washing your clothes to cook our food. It’s time we wake up.
  7. Stay Happy– Because only then you are likely to follow the above 6 points.

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