Traveling: Pack your Bags, the World Beckons

Traveling. All the fun in the world. New places, new Cuisines, new Traditions, fun stuff to buy, amazing DPs and cover photos for a while, and most importantly, a break from the monotony that is Everyday. Just the thought of bringing out the travel gear, making a list, buying last-minute stuff, and doing the packing sends some people into an overdrive. They just can’t wait to get on the train or air plane or whatever other mode of transport they’ve chosen and leave the boring routines of their lives behind. And they come back, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, a few artifacts from the local souvenir shop, a few hundred bucks poorer and bearing gifts for the various relatives, just because the laws of Courtesy dictates so.

But, if you are one of those people who just went numb from fear by reading the above, keep reading(Keep reading otherwise, too. You’ve come this far; Why not make it to the end?).

I used to belong to the category of people to whom Travel translated to Torture. I preferred, occasionally still do, to stay at Home, read my beloved books, binge-watch my many favorite shows, sleep to heart’s content and study, if absolutely necessary. New Places meant a new Book Store; New Cuisine meant me experimenting in the Kitchen; new Traditions, well, I rarely follow existing ones, so, new ones were obviously out of the question.

When we were younger, there was only one option: get helplessly dragged along on every trip our parents planned. Nobody bothered if we wanted to go or not; We simply went if your parents asked us to. Once there, we let go of our obstinacy and even began enjoying ourselves. Actually, we looked forward to these trips every summer as Kids.

It’s no one’s fault that some people outgrow this love for Travel. I completely did. Come late April and early May, I would pray that I fall sick, just because I wouldn’t have to go on the Trip. But, it never worked that way. I would try and make a Million Excuses while my parents packed my stuff. I’ve tried using Pets, Weather, Friends, Acads(Yes, academics. I was that pathetic back then.), TV shows, non-existent health issues, open contempt of Travel and the most amusing one, my disgust towards Snails(The Trip was to Kerala and there was a heavy infestation there at that time), as excuses for not going on the trip. But I went, none-the-less. Vacation photos of a grumpy me, looking so utterly pissed off, are all proof of that.

Fate works in mysterious ways. And I believe that’s how I met my Travel-crazy Bestie. She is the exact opposite of who I was when it concerned Travel. She couldn’t go without a Trip on any given vacation. She’d toured almost the whole of India by the time she was 15. She was so into all things Travel. And further, there came the first ever annual School trip. I would’ve gladly skipped it and spent a week at Home. But Bestie had other plans. She made me go on the trip. She made me fall in love with Traveling again.

It was one amazing Trip to Mysore. I couldn’t have been more wrong about my outlook of a new Place. I had the best time with an amazing Travel Companion. Thank heavens for my Dad and Mom for helping me pack light and sensibly, the week passed without a glitch. I bought my most favorite set of shoes on the trip. One of my most favorite pictures of me and my bestie was taken right in front of the majestic Palace. We forged a bond there, which is beyond everything else that matters, as soul sisters. We both found out what it was like to not have the constant pampering our parents bestow. Mostly, I discovered I didn’t particularly like the local cuisine there. The only problem was, by the end of the week, I didn’t want to be going home too soon.

Me and my bestie have been on several trips ever since. She found her First Love on one such trip. Cliched, I know. But still, so romantic. I discovered I’m not very fond of the humid weather or beaches. There are innumerable other things every trip has taught me.

So, to those of you who still don’t think travelling is just not worth the effort of leaving the comforts of home behind, think again. You are missing out so much, and you don’t even know it. Grab a backpack, pack the bare essentials and hop on a bus or train(not without a ticket, of course). Maybe, a quick weekend away from your routine with someone who you want to spend time with. Or, you’ll find Love there, if you haven’t already found it. All the books, TV shows and every other excuse can wait.

Go out, see what the world has to offer. If you still don’t like it, you can always come back home. But in that slight chance you do like it, you get some more awesome vacation photos, amazing experiences to share and cool memories to treasure.

            There’s the distant sound of the World beckoning. Are you all set to explore?

Varshni Mohanavaradhan

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