Latest technology is very sophisticated; it provides you with an opportunity of maximum utilization in minimum space and time. Yes! I’m definitely talking about the era of ‘www’, ‘@’ and ‘com’, where all you need to know are a few basic computer applications and how to apply the vast spread ocean of information – of the World Wide Web to your benefit.

Taking a step further, technology has now spread its envelope to phones- “Smart phones” to be more precise. Applications that give you the added push into investing in fancy high end phones. But, the prime aspect these days for buying a new phone, even if it isn’t a fancy one, seems to be “does it support Whats App?”

Launched in 2010, Whats App is sub categorized as a “social networking internet software” that is extremely easy to download, doesn’t occupy much space and the best part- it’s free! It’s like a mini- Facebook on your phone, with no character limitation, and the added bonus – NO ads! You can download the application for a free trial period of one year and then you will have to purchase it to make your user account permanent. It initially began with “For all those who are addicted to constant chatting, Whats App is the answer to all your prayers!”



Compatible with iPhone. Requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

iOS – Open Systems Interconnection, an effort at the International Organization for Standardization.

You do not need to create individual profiles or a contact list. Whats App automatically syncs with your phone book and allows you access to communicate directly, one-on-one. There are no hidden costs, as Whats App uses your mobile internet connection to allow you extensive access to free messaging, without having to pay. Upon installation, Whats App creates a user account using one’s phone number as username, i.e. – [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net Modified – (courtesy: Wikipedia)

The only disadvantage is that it’s always ON! You can only switch it off if you switch of your mobile network, which means that you cannot access internet via your phone. But with our generation getting so much attracted to easy shortcuts and s-m-s language, this seems to be the perfect solution to keep in touch!

Beginning with version 1.0, over a couple of years, the latest version of Whats App has now reached up to 2.8. With the added benefits of sending across content and information, but also attach videos, music, images and links which is by the way even better that emailing; it automatically proves to be much more faster!

In today’s date and time, it would be highly difficult to find a single phone without that tiny cloud of “you’ve just received a Whats App message” at it’s notification bar, especially in the urban areas and amidst the youth! It is now slowly becoming the fastest and the most popular means of communication!

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