We want to feel safe!

As I boarded the metro on my way back home today, I noticed a cute baby girl wearing a bunny hoodie, sitting conveniently on her mother’s lap. I then got busy finding a place to stand when she again caught my attention. She began singing- it wasnt a nursery rhyme or a popular song..It was our National Anthem. And the child ended it proudly with ‘Jai Hind’!
I had a smile on my face seeing her but it was accompanied with immense sadness as the recent chain of events came to my mind. It was a pain to even have such a thought in my mind, but given the circumstances, I could not stop myself from thinking that there is a possibility that even this innocent child might become a prey to the wild beasts of our society in future, if things continue the way they are!
As I was immersed in my thought process, I was interrupted by a call. It was my dad. He wanted to know where I was and how much longer will it take me to reach home. After I gave him the details, he instructed me to only take a DTC bus and no private vehicle. And then he disconnected the phone. It was 4 pm then and the route on which he told me to be careful is the one I’ve been using for the past 5 years.
The Sunday’s incident of gang-rape of a 23 year old girl has indeed shaken up Delhi. It has scared the hell out of not only every girl, but every individual whose daughter, wife, sister or even a female friend steps outside. And this is not how one lives, in their own city, in their own country!
The rage is furious and there has been protests for over a week now. As the 23 year old still struggles in the hospital, the government is being forced to take stringent measures and punish the bastards.
On one hand, there has been talks about making a girl independent, educating her and giving her an equal status in society. But when she steps out, she is harassed, leaving her devastated- physically, mentally and emotionally! Its been more than 60 years of independence, but crimes against women have been only increasing. If she survives the foeticide, her life is made as good as hell.
Its high time and there is already a spark and anger amongst the people which should lead to some positive results. But more than that there is a pang of fear and that can be curbed only by ensuring the safety of women. We need to assure that when she steps outside, she does not feel insecure, and more importantly, she comes back safely!

Pallavi Singhal

I enjoy the little things in life and express them through my words, whenever I feel like..

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