Space tourism- A future business start-up

There are many business fields that are to be explored and for start-ups there is energy saving fields and newer more efficient automobile businesses to be explored but with the fast paced advancement in technology,Space tourism has somehow seemed to be a proper business prospect; not now but in near coming future.
The information age has brought about revolutionizing changes to the tourism industry. Travelling in space, which was once desired by many, is now a reality for all. Though with an approximate cost of the ticket and one week stay in space costing $20 million, not many have had an opportunity to visit the International Space station, but those who have  surely have a lot to tell.
Space tourism kick-started in 2001, when Dennis Tito boarded the Russian Soyuz rocket for a week-long trip to the International Space station, since then there has been no looking back in the race for commercializing and evolving the sector of Space tourism. It is one of the finest ideas of Start-ups and one of the most promising business prospect considering the advancing technology being developed.
Some big industries that are venturing into this field are:-
Virgin Atlantic- Virgin Galactic holidays
With the advent of space tourism Virgin is on a spree of promoting spaceports. After tasting the success of their first such venture named “Spaceport America, in collaboration with the Government of Mexico, this concept along with plans of fabricating space hotels is now being introduced by the company in countries like the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Spaceship Two
This spaceship owned by VSS Enterprise was officially launched and its service made available to the public on 4th December, 2009 with bookings amounting to $200,000 in addition to a security deposit of $20,000.
Bigelow Aerospace, Las Vegas
Luxury in space! The day is not far when the Bigelow Aerospace in collaboration with the NASA concept launches its first hotel which is the prototype of Genesis that already exists in the orbit. So just after some time it would be possible for people to live and dine in space.
Space travel is still far for people at this moment but with the rapid commercialism of the Space tourism concept and the increasing number of companies endeavoring to launch new space travel projects, the day is not far when the most exotic locations in space could be visited and explored by a Common man.
And the concept of “Fly me to the moon” will soon be realized along with the advent of a new business that is exciting and also resourceful plus adventurous..a mixture of all.

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