The whispering corridors

Your life is what you shape it. God has gifted you this precious living being’s body with the heart and brain as its ornaments . Whatever we hear, the brain analyses it and with the good feeling of the heart, the body takes the action. But sometimes when something unpleasant strikes the the ear , the brain analyses it, but the heart doesn’t give a positive response. Such things account the corridor rumours.

Give respect and take respect”. This  bold thought  is losing its meaning in today’s world. The respect you give is sometimes misinterpreted as being over-sweet, sugar-coated, teacher’s pet, character abuse or laid-back.

Some people can’t just digest somebody else being  sweet to all while they lose their prestige. This could be in any field , office rivalry, school issues, partner issues etc. this gives birth to jealousy in all the cases.  And when this feeling of jealousy overcomes the good heart, then the crime of spreading rumours takes place. Yes ! it is a crime. Speaking ugly about someone behind their back, due to jealousy, is an ethical crime.

No one has the right to speak or make any comment over anybody’s life.

“Today, my boss scolded me because the morning report was just 30 minutes late. Ah! He is a loser.” Now, the boss was right, it was his duty to tell his employees to keep the work accounts on time, but the staff whispers about him as a looser in the corridors. The same way with the teachers , not only the teachers the students, all of us in fact, talk to some girl or even not, if she is jealous of something good in you, she’ll bitch about you in the corridors , if there is any boy-girl issue , the questions arise on your character, if you lose a match ,they talk about your abilities.

These whispering corridors are never true, they are never real. It’s just something made out of jealousy. A psychological survey describes the following  effects on mind , heart and brain:

  • One can lead to criminal acts, in revenge.
  • Broken trust among loved ones.
  • Broken relationships, due to misunderstandings.
  • Poor image presentation
  • Mental pressure
  • Stress
  • Health related issues.
  • Career destroyed
  • Mental disabilities
  • And even, attempt to suicide.

It could start from a mere classroom jealousy or a joke but could turn into an uncontrollable fire. So, the next time you talk behind the back about someone, stop, and think what are you doing. This is no less than a crime. Your life is what you do and what you want to live. It can never be anything you make out by pulling some else down or climbing on their back.

Make your life on your own terms in your own style. Stand up for yourself, for your individuality. People around you could be your strength or your learning pillars. Be what you want to be, grow as yourself, grow from within. Believe what you have , is something that only you have and is the best for you. There is nothing in life that you can get out of jealousy but with love , you can get , all of it!

nandika puri

be yourself and life will get you all you deserve(y)

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