The nation was at war with the enemy beside,

And the year was nineteen ninety-nine.

He rushed out of his home, keeping his wife aside.

“Oh sprint not my beloved for you are all mine,

Do not leave me today, you can go tonight”, said his wife.

“Worry not my darling, nothing will happen,

I will protect my country and not play with my life.”

He walked away and didn’t see his wife’s cheeks dampen.


The war began with all its might,

And bodies were stored up in a heap.

He missed his lovely wife and wrote her letters at night,

But during the day he carried supplies in his jeep.

The lonely woman was scared to jitters,

As she was looked upon by all with lustful eyes.

Her day was made when she received her husband’s letters.

But when a man looked at her she ran away like a mouse.


She slowly began trusting in her own beauty,

And started to play the harlot because of her fame.

When she missed him, her eyes became misty,

But she couldn’t stop her evil ways, as she loved the game.

She soon became an adulterous wife,

And enjoyed it as she saw her body burn.

She continued to tiptoe on the edge of a knife,

But realized her folly before she saw him return.


He was taken aback by her actions

His mind was shattered just like his body.

“Why do you do this my love, why this sudden diffraction?

You have lost your beauty and all you are now is gaudy.”

She said, “You promised you will be with me forever and ever,

Please don’t go away, I can’t bear another war.”

“I never stopped loving you, and I will forever,

You will be my first love, but I am not in love anymore.”

Isaac Mathew

My work does not define me, now that i think about it i guess nothing ever will.

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