Pictured Poetic


Thickets, ditches, thorny branches

Jerked abruptly away at the sudden movement

A hand, working fast and frantic

Rapidly proceeded forward like a blur.

Glimpses hiding and peeking randomly

A face, afflicted with changing emotions

As colourful as a camouflaging chameleon

Darted in and out of the sunlight.

Crunching, swishing forward on the dead leaves

Two feet scratched, crunched and bruised

As fast and slow as a terrified deer

Escaped and appeared on the scene.

Swaying, bending, snapping, injured

A brown arm, with green leaves

Thudded in a smoke of dust

Snap! Busted the soul

Bidding au revoir.


Defensive survival instincts

Left scars on a weather beaten face

Fury of nature showing its every phase

Bark cuts, thorn pricks, and stingy burns

Hurting, smarting and burning blaze.


Two feet trampled roots and shrubs

Half dragging, leaving sharpened cuts

Throwing in relief crude carvings

Of little nothings amounting to nothing little.


At some point feet, hands and face

Merged into brown and grew green

Parts became nature, nature became parts

Of one, whole another.

Another whole of one.

photography- Mehar Singh Chauhan

rachana allamraju

a sailing ship in search of a shore to anchor.

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